Top Treatments

What truly sets Gotcha Covered Window Treatments apart from our competition is our custom draperies, curtains and top treatments. While most of our competitors only sell hard treatments like blinds and shutters, Gotcha Covered Window Treatments’ design expertise shines through in our soft window coverings and treatments!

Scarf, Cornice, Curtain & Custom Valances

Valances can be used alone or with with other window treatments to help complete the desired look of your window. Gotcha Covered Window Treatments offers valances of all types, including rod- and board-mounted. Valances are the perfect solution when wanting to conceal the headrail of an undertreatment, or to gently shape the contours of a window with unique fabrics and cuts. Your custom valance from Gotcha Covered Window Treatments will add beauty and design to your home. It will allow you to express your own individual style by adding a pop of color and texture to any window.

Scarf, Swags & Cascade Valances

Valances can be added to another window covering or treatment to bring focus and attention to the window. Scarf valances are typically a fabric covering which is draped from one end of the valance rod to the other with the middle draping down from the rod. They can be draped in many configurations. Swags, cascades and scarves can be embellished with accents such as beads, tassels or fringe. Scarf valances can be the perfect complement to add pizzazz and excitement to any drapery panel. To assist you in expressing your individual tastes, Gotcha Covered Window Treatments offers a virtually unlimited choice of colors, patterns, sizes and shapes to create the look you want.

Cornice Window Treatment Styles

Cornices can also be used alone or as an aesthetic enhancement to other window treatments. Cornices can be layered over blinds or shades to hide the headrail of an undertreatment. They are typically installed onto the wall using braces and brackets. Cornices from Gotcha Covered Window Treatments are available in many different sizes, shapes, styles, colors, patterns and made of either fabric or wood. Cornices add high style and elegance to any window!

Top Treatments in Round Hill, Ashburn & Northern VA | Charles Town, West Virginia

No matter your style or budget, Gotcha Covered Window Treatments is committed to helping you find the right window treatments for your home or business. Contact us today to learn more!