History of Ancient Greek & Plantation Shutters

It is widely accepted that shutters originated back to Ancient Greece when wealthy homeowners used them to serve three basic functions: ventilation, light control, and protection. Although they still serve these primary purposes today, modern shutters also serve a much more decorative function in our homes. By the 18th and 19th century, modern shutters had made it over to America and were extremely popular in the South. They were used here in the large plantation manors, hence the term “plantation shutters”. Southern plantations were well known for their grandeur and elegance. Shutters were an integral part of this design and opulence. Today, shutters are one of the most desirable window treatments available. This is due in part to the aesthetics but also the functionality they bring to your home, office or other business.

Available in 1 1/4", 1 7/8", 2 1/2", 3 1/2" and 4 1/2"

Available in 1 1/4″, 1 7/8″, 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″ and 4 1/2″

We Offer A Wide Selection of Shutters

At Gotcha Covered Window Treatments, we believe in offering exceptional value. From your initial consultation to your installation appointment to the final walk through, you can expect the friendly customer service you deserve, every step of the way. We strive to offer an impressive selection of shutters; for windows and French doors. And we are happy to answer any questions you have to help you choose the right shutter or other window treatment options for your space.

Shutters Increase Home Value & Are a Great Investment!

Invest in your property with efficient and durable shutters from Gotcha Covered Window Treatments. Keep reading below for some great shutter style options and don’t hesitate to call us for more information about the products we have to offer.

Custom Wood Shutters

Do you enjoy the richness of wood? Wood shutters from Gotcha Covered Window Treatments are sure to increase your home value and add a depth and richness to any room. Wood shutters add beauty, interest and architectural appeal. The design elements that set our wood shutter products apart from our competitors are in the details such as hand-sanded louvers, exquisite finishes as well as our specialty multiple coat painting technique. Our unique sanding process includes three separate sanding stages to achieve the stunning piano-smooth look and feel our customers desire.

Reasons to Choose Custom Wood Shutters in Your Home, Office or Other Space
Gotcha Covered Window Treatments have prepared a list of reasons to consider choosing custom wood shutters for your home!
Custom Wood Stain or Paint. To match your decor or take it in a whole new direction, Gotcha Covered Window Treatments can achieve whatever finish you desire for your wood shutters. Custom wood shutters allow you to get the best of both worlds combining your custom color scheme with the classic look of wood.
Hidden Shutter Tilt Bar. Traditionally, the tilt bar on wooden shutters runs down the middle in from of the louvers but if you would rather have the tilt bar hidden from out of site, Gotcha Covered Window Treatments can accommodate. We can give you a clean look with an unobstructed view!
Wooden Shutter Safety Benefits. Wooden shutters are a safe choice for homes with small children and pets because they have no cords, and are opened or closed by simple lifting or lowering the tilt bar.
Shutter Mechanization & Motorization. Gotcha Covered Window Treatments specializes in motorization to give you the modern convenience you seek combined with the classic look of shutters. Motorized shutters can be opened or closed with just the push of a button on a remote control.
Unique Shutter Openings. Because your wood shutters from Gotcha Covered Window Treatments are custom made, they can be designed and built to fit perfectly into any window openings your home may have.
Divider Rails. If you plan on having wood shutters added to a tall window, we recommend you consider using divider rails. When divider rails are installed they add functionality and stability as the top and bottom sections of the shutters are able to be operated separately.
Off Set Shutter Tilt Bar. Perhaps you want the convenience of a front mounted tilt bar but also the desire to have a clean view through your window, Gotcha Covered Window Treatments can install an offset tilt bar. When the bar is off to either the left or right side of the shutters, views are less obstructed but the wooden shutters are still easy of use.

Wood Composite Shutters

Are you looking for a shutter that looks like real wood, but is priced much closer to a vinyl shutter? A composite shutter from Gotcha Covered Window Treatments is likely the answer for you! Our wood composite shutters are made from a unique wood composite core and acrylic coating. This means they won’t discolor and turn yellow, fade, warp or chip. Wood composite shutters combine the beauty of wood with stability and strength to stand up to even the harshest climates at an affordable price point. All of our wood composite shutters are available in single panel, double panel and bi-fold options. Gotcha Covered Window Treatments also offer L-Frame and Z-Frame options.

Reasons to Choose Wood Composite Shutters in Your Home or Business
Gotcha Covered Window Treatments have prepared a list of reasons to consider choosing custom wood composite shutters for your home!
Shutter Divider Rails. When using wood composite shutters for a tall window, Gotcha Covered Window Treatments recommends installing divider rails. This separates the top and bottom shutters and allows you to open or close them independently, leading to more lighting options as well as increased stability.
Double Hung Shutters. Rather than divider rails, you can choose to have your wood composite shutters double hung instead. Double hung shutters stack one shutter on top of another, and allows for the louvers to operate independently and also the shutters to be swung open separately.
Shutter Safety. Like any shutter installation, wood composite shutters are child safe because there are no cords used in operation. Wood composite shutters also stand up better than real wood shutters to horseplay from children.
Decorative Frames. For a more unique and customized look, Gotcha Covered Window Treatments offers a variety of frame styles to accent the top of your shutters.
Motorized Shutter Control. Gotcha Covered Window Treatments specializes in motorized functions that enable you to open and close the louvers with a remote control from anywhere in the room.
Finish Options. We offer a large array of finish colors to match any décor.
Shutter Uniformity. When you choose wood composite shutters, they can be used in every room of your home; including high humidity kitchens and bathrooms. This uniformity looks great throughout your residence and helps to bring it all together!
Shutter Louver Options. Gotcha Covered Window Treatments offers a large variety of louver sizes depending upon the exact look you wish to create.

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