Draperies & Curtains

collageNothing finishes a room like custom curtains and drapes! Curtains create a soft, warm feel and can be completely customized to your style and living space.

Our design experts can show you fabrics from our extensive line, or we can work with any custom fabric that you choose. We work closely with our workroom to make sure that we breathe life into your inspiration in a way that exceeds your expectations!

Unlike most of our competitors who only sell ‘hard’ window treatments like blinds, shutters and shades, Gotcha Covered is your single source for any window treatment need. As our motto says, “we have a solution for every window,” and that includes the ‘soft side’ of window treatments such as the treatments shown below:


gal-shades05If you are looking for a soft and airy window design that diffuses sunlight, custom sheers from Gotcha Covered may be the ideal solution. Sheer draperies look good standing alone or under your favorite drapery. Sheer draperies are usually made from a lightweight fabric such as voile or lace, and more commonly appear as panels, tiers or valances. Gotcha Covered custom designs our own line of custom drapery sheers, and we believe they are far superior in design and quality to anything you can purchase off-the-shelf.

Among the many reasons to choose sheers for your window coverings are the following features:
Filter Light. Sheers are great at letting some light in, while providing a level of privacy and diffusing direct sunlight.
Combine with Fabric. Sheers pair well as an elegant look behind traditional fabric drapes. The combination of the two provides the option of having both open, just the sheer drawn, or both drawn for maximum privacy and sunlight blocking.
Variety of Colors. Choose from a wide range of beautiful colors to coordinate nicely with fabric drapes or the rest of the room finishes.
Textures. Sheers can be ordered in a variety of textured finishes, adding a layer of depth and creativity to your window treatment.


IMG_3191Why settle for off-the-shelf draperies when you and your home deserve so much more? With Gotcha Covered, you can frame your windows with a full range of custom fabric treatments. Whether casual, contemporary or traditional, our drapery panels are available in more than 1200 rich and bold fabrics in a wide range of textures.

Panels can look great in any home thanks to the following features:
Lighting Preference. Depending on the style of panels you order, your drapes can allow some light to filter through, or block outside light out completely.
Various Designs. Drapery panels can have a billowed look, or be designed with a pleated appearance. Whatever look you are seeking to achieve, chances are drapery panels can do the job.
Safety. Drapery panels can be pulled open and closed, eliminating the need for potential dangerous cords.
Endless Colors. Imagine any color that would fit perfectly in your room – chances are your panels can be made to match. The variety of textured fabrics available also add another dimension of style.
Combine with Sheer. Drapery panels can be installed over sheers to create a beautiful and functional layered window treatment.
Decorative Touches. Add another layer of imagination to your panels with cording, tassels, and hems. Any of these additions will give the panels a great customized look and can tie in complimentary colors from around the room.


FroneyBay065If you can’t find a drapery fabric at Gotcha Covered, you may not find it anywhere else… we have the largest selection of curtain fabrics and drapery materials found anywhere on the market today! Your Gotcha Covered design consultant will arrive at your home or business with thousands of fabric samples from famous name brand manufacturers. We carry a large assortment of curtain fabrics and drapery fabrics in both designer and discounted price ranges. Whether you’re looking for fabrics for drapes, sheers, cornices, or cascades, we’ll help you to choose a pattern that will complement your other window treatments or furniture.

Included in our fabric options are the following popular choices:
Cotton. Loved for its soft, natural look, cotton is actually highly functional as well. It resists piling and wear, and colors stay true for years after it is installed.
Acrylic. This is a synthetic fiber that was originally intended as a wool imitation. It is highly resistant to wrinkling, fading, and soiling. Durability is a great benefit of using an acrylic fabric.
Wool. Using the real thing will give your curtains or drapes a rich look. Wool does not wrinkle easily, and also resists fading and piling.
Silk. As the most delicate fiber used for drapery, silk is not well suited for environments that are home to children or pets. Silk does provide a very luxurious look, but will need expert attention when it comes time to be cleaned.
Nylon. For long lasting curtains and drapes, choose a fabric that includes nylon as a part of its blend.
Vinyl. The go to choice for high-wear areas like children’s play rooms, vinyl fabrics are easy to clean and it comes inexpensively as well.

Drapery Hardware:

Gotcha Covered carries basic rods and hardware for every type of window covering or top treatment. Basic curtain rods work behind the scenes to make sure your draperies or curtains hang correctly and move in the way you want them to. Choose from single rods, double rods, triple rods, café rods and traverse rods to name a few.

The following list identifies the main benefits of several of our hardware options:
Decorative Finials. Finials are attached to the end of curtain rods and can add an elegant touch. Many different colors and styles are available to help you create the exact look you desire.
Rings. Your beautiful new drapes deserve to hang from accessories that are equally as attractive. Choose from varied ring styles and colors to match them perfectly with your drapes.
Decorative Cleats. Cleats are a functional option for tying back the cords from your window coverings. They are also yet another chance to add style to your overall design. A wide array of styles and finishes are available for you to choose from.
Tiebacks. When you want to let the outside world in, you will need tiebacks to gather up your drapes. Pick out a style that works with your décor.

Gotcha Covered is committed to helping you find the right treatments for you – regardless of your style or budget.