Connected Home


We are literally on the verge of a major evolution in our industry- the ability to quickly and easily control the window treatments in your home or office from virtually anywhere.

With true ‘plug and play’ technology, Gotcha Covered can install your window treatments, plug in a few adapters, help you download and configure a free app, and get you controlling your window treatments from anywhere within minutes!

These recent advancements mean that motorized window treatments are now mainstream, and it’s estimated that some 50 million homeowners will adopt Connected Home technologies in the next several years. In addition to the ‘wow’ factor, here are some compelling reasons people are adopting this technology:

Privacy and Security

During the day you can see out of your windows, but at night this is reversed, and people can see into your home. Instead of having to remember to go around the house every night closing your shades, you can now simply schedule your window treatments to lower automatically at sunset- regardless of where you live or what time of year it is.

By adding simple and easy light controls to your Connected Home, you can now come home and turn on the inside lights from the driveway- before going into the home.


With a Connected Home, you can create the perfect ambience to help you relax and unwind after a long day- or to enjoy ‘movie night’ friends and family. With just one click on your tablet or smart phone, the window treatments and lighting will adjust to pre-determined settings.


You’ve got a beautiful shower or tub that has a great view out the window, but you don’t want to step in and out of the tub to raise and lower the shades. Or, you’ve got a high window with tricky lighting that you want to handle the light but you don’t want to get on a ladder or use an extension pole. Or, you’re a senior or have a senior living with you. You don’t want them in harm’s way just to adjust a window treatment. Again, just a click of the button and you’re all set.

Energy Efficiency

Connected Home technology gives you lots of options for energy efficiency. You can lower your shades when the summer sun is beating in through the windows to reduce your cooling costs; you can keep the shades raised on sunny winter days to let the winter sun in and reduce your heating costs. If you choose to add a thermostat to your Connected Home system, you have virtually unlimited pre-programming options to help control your heating and cooling costs.

What CONNECTED HOME Means for You…

If you’ve always wanted motorized window treatments, but you thought they were out of reach, it’s time to take another look. If you’ve never even thought about motorized window treatments, it’s time to talk to us about how easy and affordable they can be.

At Gotcha Covered, we are leading the way with Connected Home technology. And, as the technology grows and adapts, we will be ready to present and provide the right Connected Home technology for you.

To learn more about Connected Home technologies, just call Gotcha Covered to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today.