Blinds in & around Round Hill, VA

The right set of window treatments can really transform your interior. And these days, when it comes to blinds, you’ve got more options than ever before. At Gotcha Covered, we offer a wide range of attractive blinds for home and business owners in Round Hill, VA.

Beautiful, Durable Products

At Gotcha Covered, we make it our business to only offer blinds that are high in quality. Our blinds are built to last and are designed to enhance any space. No matter your style, preference, or budget, we can help you select a set of blinds to complement your interior. Our inventory is both extensive and affordable; and we will provide professional measurement and installation as well.

Improve your interior with a new set of blinds that will serve you well for many years to come. Call us now to learn more about the products we have to offer and to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation!

Horizontal Blinds

If your windows are taller than they are wide, and you want the ability to control how much light enters your room, horizontal blinds from Gotcha Covered may be the ideal solution. You can choose from a selection of five different materials in custom horizontal blinds, hundreds of colors and a wide variety of textures and styles. From our value-priced faux wood blinds to our premium basswood blinds, our wide selection of sizes, shapes, hues and finishes allow you to create beautiful and custom rooms.

If you are looking for a traditional, low cost window treatment in virtually an unlimited variety of colors, then aluminum horizontal blinds from Gotcha Covered are the classic choice. Known as “mini blinds” “metal blinds”, “microblinds” and “venetian blinds”, nothing tops the durability and light blocking action of aluminum miniblinds.

The following benefits make Aluminum mini blinds a great option:
• Routeless Slats. Aluminum blinds are available with no route holes – meaning light will not seep through when the blinds are closed.
• Decorative Tape. You can easily add color and style to aluminum mini blinds with a wide variety of fabrics.
• Cordless Lift Control. Move your aluminum blinds up and down with just your fingertips. Cordless blinds are safer to have around the house for children and pets.
• Motorized Lift Control. A step beyond cordless, motorized blinds can be opened or closed via remote control.
• Durability. Aluminum blinds will stand the test of time. Resistant to damage from climate conditions and rough use.
• Easy to Clean. The surface of your aluminum blinds will wipe clean and quickly look like new again.
• Custom Shapes. Aluminum blinds can be custom designed to fit into even the most oddly shaped window opening.
• Contoured Headrails. You won’t need to worry about adding a valance to your aluminum blinds – the shaped headrail already gives off a trendy and stylish look.

Faux Wood
If you are looking for blinds that combine the durability of vinyl (PVC: polyvinyl chloride) and the beauty of real wood finishes, then faux wood blinds from Gotcha Covered may be the best choice. Faux wood blinds provide the best of both worlds – the look of elegant real wood blinds at a fraction of the cost! You’ll never have to worry about warping, cracking, or chipping in climates with high moisture or high humidity.

Among the many reasons to use faux wood horizontal blinds are the following features:
•Long Lasting Look. The vinyl construction of faux wood blinds will not fade or lose its color from exposure to the sun’s rays. The beautiful tone you choose will be there for years to come.
•Hands Free. Faux wood blinds are available with motorized remote controls. Among the possibilities – raise and lower the blinds, tilt the louvers or vanes, and even set a timer to open and close the blinds.
•Add a Valance. Add an additional level of style to your faux wood blinds with a decorative valance. The valance will cover the headrail and give your treatment an all-around finished look.
•No Holes Construction. Choose faux wood blinds with no route holes for maximum light-blocking ability. This option also allows for most of the slats to be slid out of the blinds for easy cleaning.
•Heat Resistant. Many windows are located right above heating vents, subjecting blinds to a consistent flow of potentially damaging warm air. Faux wood blinds will resist any warping or bowing from high temperatures.
•Decorative Tape. Add a splash of color or texture to your faux wood blinds with a wide array of decorative tape options that can be added quickly and easily.
•Comes Clean. Faux wood blinds are a snap to wipe down, and thanks to the durability of their surface, they will keep looking great after every cleaning.
•UV Protection. Your faux wood blinds do more than just look great – they will provide your house with 75% to 90% protection from harmful UV rays.

If you are looking for one of the most durable blinds on the market, vinyl (PVC: polyvinyl chloride) blinds from Gotcha Covered may be the ideal window treatment solution for your décor. Vinyl horizontal blinds come in a myriad of embossed prints, neutrals, and wood tones not typically found in horizontal blinds. Vinyl blinds are easy to clean and great for areas with high humidity and moisture, like kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. If you are looking for an alternative to wood blinds that will not fade, warp or crack, consider vinyl horizontal blinds.

As you are thinking about vinyl horizontal blinds, consider the following:
•Tough Stuff. Vinyl blinds are built to last, and stand up to some rough treatment along the way. A great option for homes with young children or adventurous pets.
•Cord Free Options. Corded blinds can be dangerous around children and pets. Horizontal vinyl blinds can be installed without a cord – all it takes is a couple fingers to raise or lower the blinds.
•Decorative Tape. Easily add personality to your vinyl blinds using textured tape in a wide range of color options. This tape is easy to install, and relatively inexpensive.
•Low Maintenance. Vinyl blinds resist dust and will very rarely require attention. When you do need to clean them, just give them a wipe down with a damp cloth and they will look as good as new.
•Kitchen Friendly. The environment in a kitchen is often humid due to the warm and wet activity. Vinyl blinds are able to withstand these conditions and not warp or crack over time.
•Wide Variety of Styles. Vinyl blinds can be ordered to match just about any style you are looking for. Embossed textures and wood tones are just a couple of the options you can choose from.
•Valance Friendly. If you like to use valances to add style and flair to your window treatments, horizontal vinyl blinds are a great choice. Keep you desired valance in mind when choosing your blinds to find a great looking combination.

If you are looking for a rich, warm look that matches any decor, wood blinds from Gotcha Covered may be the perfect window treatment option. Our premium natural hardwood blinds, offered in a variety of slat sizes, styles and finishes, can perfectly suit any taste or window size. Custom crafted with such enduring materials, including genuine oak, ash, cherry and Brazilian cherry, our wood blinds will help increase the value of your home.

Wood blinds are more than just a pretty face. Consider these great additional features:
•UV Protection. Wood blinds are the best option available for keeping harmful UV rays out of your home. They will provide you with between 95% and 99% UV protection.
•Variety. Choose from a wide array of paints and stains to finish your wood blinds with a look that perfectly compliments the rest of your house.
•Routeless. You can order your wood blinds without route holes in order to ensure maximum light-blocking ability when the blinds are closed. Great for rooms that face the rising sun, or where a young child sleeps during the day.
•Decorative Tape. Combine the classic look of wood blinds with a modern accent by using textured and colored decorative tapes.
•Motorized. Wood blinds can be installed with motorized operation to increase safety and convenience. Adjust your blinds from across the room with just the push of a button!
•Custom Shapes. Have your beautiful wood blinds custom shaped to fit into any specialty window opening you may have in your home.
•Cordless Lift. If you have young children or pets, cordless blinds are a safer choice. Wood blinds can be installed with a cordless lift feature, requiring just one hand to raise or lower them with ease.
•Slat Size Options. Several different width slats are available to choose from. Pick the color and slat combination that gives you just the right look for your home.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are ideal for windows that are wider than they are tall and slide side-to-side like patio doors. Vertical blinds from Gotcha Covered come in a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, fabric, sheer, cellular and hundreds of vibrant and muted colors.

Vertical blinds can alter a room’s proportions by adding “height” to a window for dramatic results and can even be used as a unique room divider. Vertical blinds also help to keep your interior warm.

Cellular Vertical Blinds
Also known as “solar” shades, vertical cellular blinds are unsurpassed in the industry for covering French or patio doors as well as windows that open to the side. If you are searching for the most durable, highest quality vertical window covering on the market today, call Gotcha Covered Window Treatments today!

There are many reasons to choose cellular vertical blinds such as:
Unified Look. Cellular vertical blinds are great for covering a large opening such as a sliding door living room view window. The long, vertical lines bring the space together nicely and give it a classy look, all while being highly functional.
Material Options. Your new cellular vertical blinds are available in a range of different materials depending on the price point and look desired. Popular options include fabric, faux wood, or vinyl.
Add a Valance. If you are using vertical blinds to cover a wide space, adding a valance to cover the headrail is a great option. A stylish valance will add color, style, and contrast to your window treatment.
Bottom Chain. To keep vertical blinds operating smoothly, adding a bottom chain is a wise choice. This chain will run through the bottom end of the blinds and keep them evenly spaced for a consistent look and hassle free opening and closing.
Child Safe. Vertical blinds are also available in designs that are cord and chain free if there are young children around your house.
Motorized Capability. For those who prefer a totally hands-free option, vertical blinds can be installed with the capability of remote control. This feature is convenient, child safe, and gives your home an added high-tech feel.
UV Protection. When closed, cellular vertical blinds block out most of the natural light, and therefore protect nicely against UV rays.

Fabric Vertical Blinds
If you desire a window treatment that is versatile and offers the ability to control the amount of privacy and light that enters your rooms, fabric blinds are a great choice!

There are many reasons to choose fabric blinds including:
Free Hanging Louvers. Fabric vertical blinds offer the luxurious look of drapery with the added practicality of easy opening and closing mechanisms.
Variety of Colors. The fabric color of your vertical blinds is nearly limitless, allowing you to choose just the right shade to coordinate perfectly with the rest of the room.
Light Filtering. Choose your fabric based on how much light you would like to pass through the blinds and into the room. Allow a lot of light in, or block almost all of it out – the choice is yours.
Versatility. If you need to cover an awkward opening like a corner or bay window, fabric vertical blinds can be fit to meet your needs. Should you have a longer than usual opening, sets of blinds can be butted together in order to span the full distance.
Mechanization. For a modern effect, add motorized control to your fabric vertical blinds. You will be able to use a remote control from anywhere in the room to open and close the blinds effortlessly.
Safety First. If young children or pets are around your home, choose blinds with a simple wand control to remove potentially dangerous cords.
Bottom Chain. To keep your fabric blinds hanging in order, add a bottom chain to connect them at both ends. This will ensure consistent spacing when they are closed, and also will make the opening and closing process smoother.
Valence and Cornice Options. Fabric vertical blinds are a great combination with an endless variety of valence and cornice choices.

Sheer Vertical Blinds
If you are looking for the softness of draperies and yet the elegance of sheers, we have what you need! Sheer vertical blinds from Gotcha Covered Window Treatments can provide the ideal enhancement no matter your decor. Our sheer vertical blinds feature translucent fabric facings and soft fabric vanes that can rotate. This gives you the ability to control the degree of privacy and light. Sheer vertical blinds are particularly suited to large walls of windows and French doors.

Sheer blinds are a great choice if you are looking for the following features:
Light Control. Being able let in controlled amounts of daylight is a big advantage of sheer vertical blinds. Open the fabric vanes to let in soft light from the outside.
Stylish Hem. The bottom of sheer blinds can be finished with a folded hem to give the blinds a custom drapery look.
Choose Your Direction. Sheer vertical blinds can be installed to open and close to the left, right, or split. Choose the function that fits your room the best.
Extra Fabric. Order additional yardage of your sheer fabric to use in covering pillows or for other applications. This is a great way to tie in your window treatment with the rest of the room.
Cord Free Options. If the safety of young children or pets is a concern around your home, sheer vertical blinds can be ordered with cord free operation.
Motor Power. For a unique and convenient addition, have your sheer vertical blinds installed with motorized opening and closing controls. Just a push of a button will serve to operate the blinds from anywhere in the room.
Shape to Fit. Great for large openings, sheer vertical blinds can be designed to fit seamlessly into corners, bay windows, and other non- traditional spaces.
UV Protection. Despite being able to allow some natural light to pass through into the room, sheer blinds are still able to offer between 90% and 95% UV protection.

S-Curve Vertical Blinds
If you desire combining the ambiance and warmth of wood with the best of verticals; S-Curve vertical blinds are what you are looking for! Gotcha Covered Window Treatments offers S-Curve vertical blinds whose unique shape provides greater privacy by creating tighter closure. S-Curve vanes overlap to create a soft, ripple fold effect. The interlocking vanes provide more privacy and block out more light than traditional curved vanes.

S-Curve blinds offer the following features:
Elegant Look. Instead of creating a flat ‘wall’ effect when closed, S-Curve vertical blinds give depth and character to the look. Choose a color that coordinates with the rest of the room for a window treatment that adds style in addition to function.
Light Blocking. Since S-Curve blinds fit together so nicely, they do a better job of blocking out sunlight than traditional flat blinds.
Valances. To add even more character to your S-Curve vertical blinds, add a valance above the door or window. This gives you an opportunity to introduce an accent color or additional texture to the room design.
Safe Wand Control. If you need to eliminate cords from your house for child safety purposes, order S-Curve vertical blinds with wand control. One wand easily rotates the blinds, as well as slides them back and forth.
Specialty Shapes. If the window or door you need to cover has a unique shape, S-Curve blinds can be a great choice. Have them designed to fit nearly any opening in your home.
UV Protection. Because of their tight fit when closed, S-Curve blinds offer great UV protection from outside sunlight.
Mechanization. For a totally hands-off approach, S-Curve blinds can be optionally installed with motorized control. Simply use a remote control to adjust the blinds with one push of a button.

Vinyl Vertical Blinds
Forget the shiny vinyl vertical blinds of yesteryear. Now we have a new, sleek vinyl blind (PVC: polyvinyl chloride). This is just one of the quality products carried by Gotcha Covered Window Treatments. Contact us to learn more about your choices in vinyl vertical blinds which includes more colors, more textures ranging from smooth to embossed textures, and more unique linens, jacquards and fabrics than any of our competitors!

Vinyl vertical blinds are great for many reasons including:
Durability. As a synthetic product, vinyl blinds are highly durable and likely to outlast just about anything else in your home.
Flexibility. Vinyl vertical blinds can be installed so that the control cords are on whichever side you prefer. Also, the blinds can be made to stack to the right or left, again based on your preference.
Decorative Valances. Dress up a vinyl vertical blind treatment with a beautiful valance to cover the headrail. Color and style options are virtually limitless.
Easy to Clean. A damp rag and a few minutes are all you will need to wipe the blades of your vinyl vertical blinds clean. Vinyl surface is naturally dust repellant, so these quick cleanings won’t be needed often.
Mechanized. For a more modern touch, order your blinds with motorized control. Using just the push of a button on a remote, you will be able to open and close your blinds from all around the room.
Safety Features. If you have small children or pets to watch out for, choose to have your blinds controlled by a wand to eliminate potentially dangerous cords.
Color Options. Vinyl vertical blinds can be ordered in an incredible array of colors. There is sure to be an option that will fit your room perfectly.
Fit Bay Windows. If you need to cover a big bay window, vinyl vertical blinds are a great choice as they can be installed to fit seamlessly with no break in the valance.

Wood Vertical Blinds
Wood vertical blinds add a rich and warm addition to your windows. Our wood vertical blinds are made from rugged basswood and come in a variety of designer colors. They offer classical styling and durability and are the ideal accent to your wood furniture. Gotcha Covered Window Treatments offers custom crafted wood vertical blinds to your dimensions to ensure a perfect fit for your windows.

Wood vertical blinds give a stunning look to any window with the following benefits:
Strength. Genuine hardwood construction means our wood vertical blinds are made to last. Not only are they great to look at, but they will stand the test of time as well.
Light Blocking. If you need to keep the daylight out of a room, wood vertical blinds are as good as it gets. When closed, there will be effectively no light making its way through these blinds.
UV Protection. Along with that light blocking ability comes great UV protection. No other blinds will offer better UV blocking power than wood vertical blinds.
Safety Options. Depending on your needs, wood vertical blinds can be installed with a wand control instead of a cord. This is a great choice for homes with small children and pets to consider.
Motorized Control. Your new wood vertical blinds can be installed with motorization to control them with a remote. Blinds can be rotated open and closed, and even traversed across the headrail, with just the push of a button.
Custom Shapes. If you have an irregular shaped window opening that needs covering, wood vertical blinds can be adjusted to fit beautifully into most spaces.
Heat Control. When closed, wood vertical blinds to a great job of blocking out the summer heat. This not only makes your home more comfortable, but can lower your air conditioning costs as well.
Coordinate with Furniture. If you have wood furniture, it can be hard to match up synthetic materials with your natural wood finishes. When you choose wood vertical blinds, it will be easy to achieve a cohesive look throughout the room.

Vertical Woven Wood Panel
If you looking for an innovative solution for sliding glass doors and large picture windows, vertical woven wood panels fit the bill. Gotcha Covered Window Treatment’s woven wood panel track systems are a fantastic option and bring a touch of nature indoor your home. Call us to bring an exotic tropical flavor to your rooms today!

Woven wood panel track represents a unique option in window covering with the following features:
Smooth Operation. Open and close the panels with ease using one of two cord options. Choose from a continuous cord loop, which keeps the cords away from the floor, or a ‘top down, bottom up’ system.
Extensions Available. If needed, woven wood panel track can be installed with an extension to clear an obstruction near the door or window being covered.
Additional Privacy. While woven wood panels let some light pass through by design, privacy liners are available if you desire are more opaque appearance.
Stacking Options. The panels can be designed to all slide one way (left or right) or be split down the middle. Choose the orientation that best fits your space.
Optional Valance. If you wish to cover the tracks, choose from different colors and textures to create a perfect valance look that compliments your room as a whole.
Color Options. The woven wood panels themselves are available to be ordered in a wide range of different colors, textures, and natural finishes.
Cordless Safety. Remove the cords altogether if the safety of small children is a concern in your home. The spring roller cordless system means easy one handed operation of the panels.