Gotcha Covered Window Treatments supplies window treatment services to commercial businesses and residential homes of the Greater Northern Virginia area. Fully licensed and insured since 2005, we proudly provide family-friendly customer service, uphold high moral standards, and superior execution on all services rendered. Gotcha Covered Window Treatments uses ultimate quality materials in constructed your custom made windows treatments.

Custom Window Coverings & Treatments to Best Meet Your Needs & Lifestyle

Gotcha Covered Window Treatments provides a multitude of window treatment services to the commercial businesses and residential homes of the Northern Virginia area. Offering custom designed blinds, curtains, draperies, shades, shutters, motorizations, and even bedding, we take great pride in customer satisfaction as we high-end quality materials in conjunction with an experienced and talented staff. Gotcha Covered Window Treatments begins each service with a comprehensive consultation to ensure we understand your wants and desires and a dash of your personality to create the extraordinary window treatment best suited for your home or business. With our custom attribute, we can design your window treatment to the size and shape of your windows, no matter how common or unique they may be.


Gotcha Covered Window Treatments blinds are a popular service we perform the commercial and residential customers of Northern Virginia. Blinds are not only practical, but with their intended use, they can also enhance the spaciousness of the room and give a subtle finish to the room. Protecting your privacy and providing a barrier from the sun’s wrath in style is just what every home or business needs.

Interior Shutters

Gotcha Covered Window Treatments shutters engineered to give your home or business charm and add a rustic touch or a timeless classic look, the shutters can also help shield the windows from the elements. Shutters can be constructed from wood, wood composite, vinyl, or polycore and treated with the stains, paints, or add other features that are ideal, the possibilities are endless.


Gotcha Covered Window Treatments shades window treatments will give a soft, warm, and ambient mood set to any room in your commercial building or residential abode. Our shades can be pleated, woven wood, Roman or sunscreen/roller shades. Developed by our experts to deliver the maximum quality under your directions, your shades can be just what the room is beckoning for.
Gotcha Covered Window Treatments can help you select the right colors and other remarkable traits can make your shades the best commodity for the windows in your home or business.

Draperies & Curtains

Gotcha Covered Window Treatments draperies and curtains window treatments are a very popular service we off to the business owners and homeowners of Northern Virginia. Finding draperies and curtains is commonplace in most homes and businesses, most often they are a cookie cutter and generic with the patterns, colors and designs. Instead of following the masses, invest in your custom draperies and curtains to enhance the dynamic and grace of your rooms. Choosing from a wide variety of fabrics, colors, patterns, designs and styles, or draperies and curtains will be unique and envy of everyone who sees them.

Window Motorization Treatments

Gotcha Covered Window Treatments motorization window treatments are not just for the rich and famous, considered to be a luxury item at one time, they have become affordable and can be equipped with many of the various window treatments we offer to the commercial businesses and residential homes of Northern Virginia.

Design Consultations & Custom Window Treatments

If you want to invest in exceptional craftsmanship window treatments in the Northern Virginia area for your home or business, Gotcha Covered Window Treatments has you covered. Our experts are incredible with their talents, from the consultation process to the design and execution, your window treatments will be far beyond excellent. Call us today to get started!